For the dancers, boys and girls aged 7 to 18 years

whose talent and motivation stand out.

To make a career as a dancer or dancer, it is better to start pre-professional training as early as possible because the body is more malleable.

This career as a dancer must therefore be prepared if the young person expresses the wish.


This section is intended for particularly passionate and motivated students wishing to have intensive dance training and more personalized follow-up, for :

  • acquire an excellent level of dance for personal pleasure, as a serious hobby but not wishing to make a career in dance,

  • possibly make a career in dance and acquire an excellent level necessary to give oneself the choice to decide in due time, to continue in this direction or to branch off towards other studies,

  • pursue a career in dance either as a dancer or as a teacher, and prepare for entry into major national or international schools (artistic humanities in Belgium or France, higher dance schools in France , Paris Opera…).

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Our mission is to provide an education and training which allow the student to acquire a quality and a level of technical and artistic competence perfectly adapted to the current requirements to succeed:

  • recruitment auditions to integrate the various dance companies and corps de ballet,

  • the entrance exams to the Hautes Ecoles de danse.

This section offers children with special talents the chance to reach their full potential thanks to the special attention of the professional body of Studio 52 Dance Academy on their artistic development.

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Admission takes place through auditions with members of the school's teaching staff after applying.

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The program and schedule are personalized for each student. They are established with the director and the teaching staff of the academy according to the age of the pupil, his ambitions, his level, his aptitudes, his physical capacities and the chosen main orientation (Dance Classical or Modern Dances). However, a weekly minimum is imposed depending on the level:

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   Levels Access Minimum weekly imposed

   Basic 7 years 4 lessons (5h30 / week)

   Exploratory 9 years old 5 lessons (7h00 / week)

   Intermediate 11 years old 6 lessons (8h30 / week)

   Medium 14 years old 7 lessons (9h15 / week)

   Advanced 16 years 8 lessons (10h30 / week)

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Pupils have the choice of choosing two main complete courses: Classical Dance or Modern Dances . With the emphasis on placement, flexibility and artistry, each training includes a prescribed program and optional courses.

The non-profit organization offers an optional course (1h) in addition to the compulsory paying courses chosen by the student.

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• Classical Dance Orientation : aims to master the technical components of classical dance, modern jazz and contemporary . This is why the compulsory program includes courses in these three disciplines. In addition to this compulsory program, students can choose other courses in the fields of Modern Dances, Urban Dances or Well-Being.

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• Modern Dance Orientation: aims to master the technical components of modern jazz, contemporary and urban dances. The compulsory program includes classes in classical dance and modern jazz. In addition to this compulsory program, students must choose, according to their affinity, courses in the fields of Modern Dances, Urban Dances or Well-Being.

One of the essential aspects of these complete training courses is the compatibility of timetables with the school obligations of primary schools and humanities, all courses being organized outside school hours. This section ensures the development of both intellectual and artistic skills of young dancers, allowing access to other orientations, if necessary.

In addition to the practical course program, students will have some theoretical courses   in Anatomy applied to dance (by our professors Nathalie Boutonnet Doctor in Molecular Biophysics and Mathilde Coërs Doctor in Medicine) and Stage makeup .

Student evaluations and follow-up: The work of the students is subject to three evaluations per year . These evaluations (detailed reports from each teacher for each discipline and student-parent-director interview) focus on technical and artistic progress but also on personal investment and the student's general behavior.

Throughout the year, the students are monitored regularly and individually coached by the administration to guide them according to their aptitudes and their personality and provide them with psychological support if necessary. We make sure, in partnership with the parents, that the students have good academic results to allow them in the future to integrate a university course or to continue their dance project .

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At any time of the year, students and parents can request an appointment for an interview with the administration or members of the teaching staff. At the end of June, a final interview with each student, their parents and the director takes place to make a general assessment and determine the direction to be given following the training.

The academy also supports students in developing their CV, presentation DVD and photos for the auditions.

End of year show: Students in this section participate in the academy show. Their intervention is more important than that of the pupils of the leisure section, in particular by a solo or a ballet in small group.

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Masterclasses, Workshops and Intensive courses offer dancers an artistic openness and put them in conditions of adaptability. It is for them the opportunity to discover new perspectives and to make themselves known to international artists. This is why, although they are not integrated in our training, we plan and offer our students certain Masterclasses and Workshops.

The competitions promote exchanges between dancers who have the same passion as well as the discovery of young talents. This is why we prepare students wishing to participate in national or international dance competitions, in Belgium or abroad.

Applications should be sent to the Studio 52 Dance Academy Management (Mme Nathalie Boutonnet) or by email to

For more information, we invite you to contact us on 0477.229384 or by email.

Professional development section 2019-2020

Section perfectionnement Niveau Base
Section perfectionnement Niveau Exploratoire
Section perfectionnement Niveaux Intemédiaire et Moyen

We wish all the best to Iéléna who left to live in Cameroon and to Inès in Lessines. We miss you.

2018-2019 improvement section

We wish an excellent continuation and a lot of fun in their new dance school to Julia who returned to live in Canada and Issa in Denderleeuw

2017-2018 improvement section


Professional development section 2016-2017


Congratulations to our students who PASSED THE ENTRY AUDITIONS

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