The adult program is intended for participants aged 15 and over.

We accept new students into this program throughout the year.


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to discover a discipline,   rediscover it after a (long) break, continue to progress technically and artistically, keep fit, (re) find harmony between body and mind

and all this in rhythm of course.

3 classes to work out and relax


Classic dance

danse contemporaine

Contemporary dance

modern jazz

Modern Dances


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f or regain or maintain good physical and mental health, sculpt the silhouette gently and thoroughly, improve flexibility, fight against stress, fatigue

9 lessons adapted to all levels,

accessible to all ages,

alone or with family,

which bring Dynamism, Energy, Relaxation and Relaxation

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Soft Gym / Stretching


Muscle building

yoga relaxant

Relaxing Yoga


Senior Gym


Dance Therapy


Family Yoga

Floor bar / Stretching

Yoga Dynamique

Dynamic Yoga

Yoga en famille: parents et enfants

Acro Yoga Family

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Classical dance symbolizes elegance and combines flexibility, support and grace. It is characterized by a spirit of rigor and clarity. Ballet classes for adults are a great way to build good habits and maintain healthy bones, muscles and joints. They are intended for all those capable of patience and diligence.

Levels: Basic – Intermediate / Middle – Advanced

Deepen your basic knowledge. The Basics-Intermediate course is aimed at adults who already have basic ballet skills and who wish to rediscover classical dance after a break, continue their technical progress or who want to benefit from the benefits of ballet in terms of physical conditioning, whether at the level of strength training, flexibility, coordination, fluidity in movement, body balance or even in posture. In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

This course is complete and brings together all the exercises that structure a typical classical ballet course to allow the dancer to deepen his basic skills, to refine the execution of steps and movements. The work is done with particular attention to good positioning and placement in order to progressively advance in the technique.

Improve your technical and artistic skills . Middle and Middle-Advanced courses require a solid foundation in ballet and involve a relatively complete knowledge of classical dance vocabulary. Our teachers invite you to fully experience your interest or passion in courses where all the technical and artistic elements will be addressed, while respecting the different levels of the students.

The Medium-Advanced courses, where professionals can also come to practice, will sometimes be provided by our guest teacher Valentin Levalin ( Vaganova training in St-Petersburg, danced at the Béjart Ballet Lausanne ).

CONTEMPORARY DANCE: Intermediate to Advanced

Contemporary dance has its origins in the heart of the 20th century and is often recognized as a free movement in dance. Built from multiple currents and influences, it has transformed over time enriched with various techniques, here anything goes. Contemporary dance develops abdominal strength, mobility of the spine, flexibility, bodily and spatial coordination as well as freedom and fluidity of movement.


His teaching in our courses is based on fundamentals and techniques based on specificities such as the mobility of the back, the relationship to the ground, the quality and fluidity of movement, musicality, notions of gravity, "fall and suspension "," Contraction and relaxation ". The awareness of the weight of the body is approached in different dynamics of the movements (balances, rebounds, imbalance…). Improvisation and composition occupy a significant place there, which makes it an experimental, living dance where the dancer himself becomes a creator and can be brought to express his individuality.

Our courses encompass a diversity of forms and styles of dance creation and relate to the personality of the teacher since the style of contemporary dance is quite free.

Levels: Intermediate to Advanced


To flourish through the discovery of oneself and Gradually to surpass oneself through the plural dance. Teaching in the Intermediate- Middle courses is based on the fundamentals and a demanding technique of contemporary dance but also on the bases of classical and is oriented towards acrobatics. The warm-ups are dynamic and essentially based on exercises to learn how to manage the control of your support on the ground, to build muscles, to understand the work on the ground with fluidity and speed, to work on the technical elements and their assembly. The rest of the lessons consist of traveling in space and choreography.

The Intermediate-Medium course is aimed at students with a good dance training (minimum of 5 years) and professionals in order to deepen their technical and artistic skills. Some courses will be provided by Valentin Levalin (danced in the Companions ned Public Opinion (Arcadia) and Béjart Ballet Lausanne).

Our teachers will invite you to go beyond the borders of a "pure" technique, by encouraging the dancers to express their personality, in the search for an instinctive movement specific to each one.


MODERN'JAZZ: Beginner to Advanced

Modern 'Jazz is the result of mixing European and African cultures. Enriched with multiple rhythms, it offers various stylistic universes. It is an energetic, lively dance which invites to great displacements and is synonymous with musicality.

Our lessons bring together different types of jazz. They harmoniously combine the principles and technique of jazz, the contributions of modern dance as well as the basics of classical dance (positioning, body weight, imbalance, floor work, joint release, contractions, isolation, undulations, syncopated rhythms, jerky movements, pirouettes, falls, jumps ... energy, dynamism and emotion).

Our teacher encourages dancers of all levels to express their personality in dynamic and fun classes.

Levels: Beginners-Basic / Exploratory-Intermediate / Medium-Advanced

Just start. Have you always dreamed of dancing? The Beginners-Basics course is for you, no experience required or only a few notions of dance, to discover the joys of movement, learn the fundamentals of Modern 'Jazz and develop coordination. Fun and united atmosphere without judgment in order to motivate the development of personal expression.

Gradually walk. The Exploratory-Intermediate course is aimed at dancers who already have the basics of Modern 'Jazz (worked for at least 2 years) in order to refine the execution of steps and movements already learned, to approach new steps, to improve their skills. placement in space and enjoy dancing.

Definitely get carried away. The Medium-Advanced course is open to dancers who have accumulated several years of Modern 'Jazz with sufficient precision and who therefore have a relatively complete knowledge of the major technical fundamentals so that they can insert an artistic sense. This course is technical, expressive and explosive. The key words: energy, speed and dynamism.

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To gain flexibility, improve posture, tone your figure, relax ...

GETTING INTO SHAPE and YOGA : 2 activities that provide great energy for permanent well-being and good physical and mental health. These lessons are accessible alone or with the family.



To have a toned, stronger and more flexible body. Various exercises for selective muscle toning and flexibility. The courses are adapted to the physical form of the participants.



Sessions made up of exercises from different soft gymnastic methods (Yoga, Taï-chi, Pilates ...) to have a toned body, stronger and more flexible. The courses are adapted to the physical form of the participants.

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Gently build and soften your body. This course is based on various exercises of selective muscle toning. It brings a fairer posture by working the right alignments. This course also includes flexibility work because flexibility and mobility allow us to be more efficient in other sports activities and to feel a daily well-being.

All levels: open level


The barre à terre is a technique consisting in transposing the movements in support of classical dance and jazz on the floor. This method of warming up and strengthening muscles and joints, gently and in depth, makes it possible to straighten the posture, to acquire a nice support, to refine the silhouette, to soften and tone the body, and to balance the body. musculature.

Soften and harmonize your silhouette. The course helps strengthen the spine, lower limbs and trunk. This course also includes in-depth flexibility work and develops awareness of movement and placement, while respecting anatomy. It is also an excellent complement to dance lessons to develop the strength and flexibility necessary for the progress of the dancer.

Courses for all levels from basic to advanced


Do you want to have a flat and toned stomach, display buttocks of steel? Our sessions are made for you!

Sculpt your silhouette = tone and flexibility. By gently but dynamic and toning muscle building, without significant cardio effort, it allows you to quickly improve your physical condition, your strength, your resistance, and to relax your muscles, your body and your mind.

The teacher also offers stretching and flexibility exercises, because having more flexibility means less risk of injury and better muscle recovery.

Level: Open Level

Renforcement musculaire
Renforcement musculaire


Renforcement musculaire
Renforcement musculaire



Our treatment method uses movement as a mediating object in the therapeutic relationship.

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To awaken his energy, or his sensuality. We offer private lessons which can take different forms depending on your personal goals and needs. These courses are therefore built around what you want to achieve as results. In these courses, the physical dimension is associated with the psychological and emotional dimensions, in order to allow you to reconnect your body and your mind, and to find a certain harmony.

These classes use different methods of movement therapy including the following techniques: dance, yoga, stretching and muscle strengthening, muscle and postural rebalancing, meditation, relaxation, breathing, drawing and body expression , artistic and verbal. The choice of techniques is made in agreement with the student, so as to build the course in an individualized manner in relation to his specific needs and objectives.

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As dance therapy is not performance-based, there is no failure, and everyone derives unique benefits. It is particularly indicated in inhibited children and adolescents. It can help people regain self-esteem.


Danse Thérapie
Danse Thérapie


YOGA The discipline that combines physical, mental / emotional and spiritual benefits. The desired effects are to calm the mind through physical activity.

Course uniting body and mind, which can be practiced by everyone , except in cases of contraindication. They are adapted to the level and to the capacities of each one. Beginners are guided and more advanced students receive suggestions to deepen their practice.

Classes are given by Elfi Cottam , yoga teacher, certified “Yoga Alliance”, physiotherapy student and professional dancer.



This invigorating yoga class is inspired by ashtanga (dynamic), vinyasa (dancing), power yoga (modern) yogas. It includes breathing, warming up and muscle building exercises.

Exercise, strengthen and improve flexibility. Through a series of postures, combined with breathing and concentration exercises, the practice of dynamic yoga helps to soften and strengthen the muscles while regulating the flow of vital energy. For those looking for rigorous practice and active relaxation.

Levels: Open Level


Vinyasa, Power yoga, Hatha yoga


vinyasa, power yoga, Hatha Yoga


Vinyasa, Power yoga, Hatha yoga



This gentle yoga class is inspired by hatha (classic), yin yoga (gentle) and restorative yoga (restorative). It is a gentle and deep yoga that uses static postures with a letting go approach, breathing techniques and deep relaxation of the body and mind.


Relax with a little physical effort for the perfect combo, stretch the muscles deeply and be zen . Holding the postures in stillness and for several minutes allows the body to relax very gradually and to stretch the deep connective tissues. The main benefits are to release muscle tension, gain flexibility and mobility, improve sleep, calm the mind and soothe stress. For those who want a gentle practice that allows you to calm the mind, relax the body and relax deeply.

Levels: Open Level



vinyasa, power yoga, Hatha Yoga