We guarantee both our young amateur dancers and professional dancers optimum conditions of comfort and safety in premises entirely devoted to dance.


Since 2012, the dance school has been installed in new magnificent modern premises, in accordance with all the regulations in force.

  • 2 large studios (170m2 and 100m2), the largest of which can be separated by a soundproof partition to make 2 studios of 80m2 each. All the studios are bright and warm with large windows that let in natural light. They benefit from professional equipment : Harlequin floors covered with Harlequin dance mats, adapted lighting, walls covered with mirrors, Dinamica Ballet bars, sound system.

  • changing rooms and toilets equipped for both adults and toddlers.

  • a reception area

  • garden terraces

Guided tours of our premises
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Intensive SD production internship in 2014
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It was during the 1st International Dance and Health Forum organized in Pantin on November 27 and 28, 2014 by the Center National de la Danse (CND), open to ballet directors, caregivers, researchers and dancers (including Benjamin Millepied, director of the ballet de l'Opéra de Paris and Dorothée Gilbert dancer star) that approaches to the theme of health and risk prevention in professional dance practice have been analyzed for the first time.


A round table brought together several practitioners including Dr. Carlo Bagutti, doctor of the Prix de Lausanne and member of the Rudolf Nureyev Foundation, Dr. Liane Simmel, sports doctor in Tamed in Germany, and Dr. Boni Rietveld, orthopedic surgeon and Director since 1993 of the Medical Center for Dancers and Musicians in The Hague.

Dr. Boni Rietveld recalled how essential in trauma matters is prevention. After pointing out that 68% of dancers' injuries affect the lower end of the leg, from knee to foot, he distinguished three levels of prevention, placing the quality of the floor at the very first. He also recalled that his studies and tests on dance floors, carried out within several European companies, had highlighted the need for a surface that was neither too catchy nor too slippery, neither too flexible nor too rigid. Convinced of the need to guarantee both the rebound effect, essential for jumps and pirouettes, but also a more constant damping than the double joists still in use in so many dance houses, Dr. Boni Rietveld underlined the efficiency and the safety of the floor on Harlequin Liberty dual density elastomer studs (For more information on this forum, see the full version of HarlequiNews 13 below).