For children aged 3 to 6.

This playful awakening allows young children to acquire the basics, to give them an opening on dance in all its forms and an initiation into musical rhythms.

Initiation à la danse

We work on the child's psychomotricity and rhythm. Each exercise is pictorial and suitable for toddlers. Awareness of the different parts of the body by warming up to music; Discovery of rhythms; Coordination, laterality and balance exercises that develop flexibility and tone; Notions of bodily expression; Memory work.

Through colorful exercises adapted to toddlers, games, choreographed movements, improvisations, percussions, the child will discover and develop:

1: attention, concentration, self-control, memory;

2: awareness of the body, of the place in space, of movement

3: contact with others;

4: balance, coordination of movements

5: suppleness and tone

5: imagination, sensitivity

6: musicality and relaxation.

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Budding dancers discover the aestheticism of movement when learning choreography.

At the end of the year, during the big show, the children will take their first steps on stage in front of the public

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The playful side allows us to approach the technique with the child by teaching him the main basic principles that define dance in general: placement, locomotion, balance, fall, jump… without any codification.

Using different musical genres, this awakening to dance aims to develop children's bodily and expressive capacities, and prepares them to approach all disciplines and techniques from 6 years old.

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We provide progressive education that takes into account the different phases of the child's development: 3 levels of initiation.

Initiation 1 (3-4 years) and Initiation 2 (4-5 years): awakening the body while remaining in the child's imagination

Initiation 3 (5-6 years): small notions of modern and classical dance to be able to orient the child the following year

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The little ones love these lessons .

Video previews of our 5-part courses

1: warm-up and floor exercises

2: rounds, arm work and rhythms

3: jumps, steps and movement

4: improvisation to music and free dance

5: choreographies of initiations 2 & 3 shows

Overview of our preparations for shows

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