The program is aimed at all those, aged 6 to 18, who wish to take dance or wellness lessons.


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to discover a discipline or pursue technical and artistic progress.


We provide progressive education that takes into account the different phases of child development.

AT   From the age of 6, begin technical courses with a progressive acquisition of terminology.

The courses which require a more personal investment are accessible from 8 and 10 years old.

Our wide range of courses offer each student a class corresponding to their age, level and aspirations.

Modern Jazz et Contemporain
Danse Classique Adolescents
cours de Danse classique - ballet

Classic dance

6 to 18 years old

Danse Lyrique - Lyrical Jazz

Lyric Dance

12 to 18 years old

danses urbaines

Urban Techniques

10 to 18 years old

Acro Danse - Acrodanse

Acro Dance

10 to 18 years old

danse house - House dance


12 to 18 years old

Danse contemporaine

Contemporary dance

8 to 18 years old

hip-hop - danses urbaines


7 to 18 years old

Studio 52 Juniorr dance group

Choreography workshop

12 to 18 years old


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t o have good physical and mental health,

to strengthen muscles and improve flexibility,

to fight against stress.

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courses adapted to each level

yoga pour enfants
cours de remise en forme pour adolesecents


8 to 18 years old

acro yoga pour enfants

Acro Yoga

6 to 12 years old


Relaxing Yoga

15 to 18 years old

yoga famille

Family Yoga

6 to 12 years old

renforcement musculaire pour adolescents

Muscle building

14 to 18 years old


Dynamic Yoga

12 to 18 years old

Find out more about the courses ...

CLASSICAL DANCE-BALLET (6 years old to adults)

Classical dance symbolizes elegance. It combines flexibility, support and grace. It is characterized by a spirit of rigor and clarity. It requires rigorous coordination of all parts of the body. For all those capable of patience and diligence.

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Our classes range from beginner level to that of approaching ballets and variations on pointes of the classical repertoire: 6 levels (Beginners - Basics - Exploratory - Intermediate - Medium - Advanced), each sub divided into 2 or 3 levels.

The basics being fundamental in the dancer's development, we focus the first years on a rigorous placement which then allows to approach the technique with a more elaborate language and thus open the doors of the repertoire.

From 10 years old, 2 weekly classical lessons are compulsory to ensure a certain quality and real progression.

Some "Medium-Advanced" courses will be provided by our guest teacher Valentin Levalin (danced at the "Béjart Ballet Lausanne" after studying dance at the "Russian Ballet Academy-Vaganova" in St ‐Petersbourg and at the "Rudra Béjart" in Lausanne)

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Pointes: It is important not to begin this ballet technique before the age of ten because it depends on the growth of the foot. It takes at least four years of regular practice in classical dance, before being able to approach the pointes technique, this because the body must have acquired a good position and enough muscle strength, the ballerina must have extremely solid ankles to be able to climb on spikes. We pay attention to basic physical skills. This is why we prefer to advise against pointe shoes for children who do not have the required criteria for this type of course, rather than putting them in the face of efforts that they will not be able to overcome. Thus, it will be up to the teacher, in agreement with the direction, to direct or not the students towards the practice of points at the right time. To do pointe shoes, the student must follow 2 classical dance lessons per week

The “Pointes technique” courses are specific advanced training courses in Pointes for 12 to 18 year olds.

Extrait cours de Ballet pour ados, niveau Moyens
Danse classique (+15 ans) cycle Moyens
CONTEMPORARY DANCE (8 years to adults)

Contemporary dance has its origins in the heart of the 20th century and is often recognized as a free movement in dance. Built from multiple currents and influences, it has transformed over time enriched with various techniques, here anything goes. Contemporary dance develops abdominal strength, mobility of the spine, flexibility, bodily and spatial coordination as well as freedom and fluidity of movement.

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His teaching in our courses is based on fundamentals and techniques based on specificities such as the mobility of the back, the relationship to the ground, the quality and fluidity of movement, musicality, notions of gravity, "fall and suspension "," Contraction and relaxation ". The awareness of the weight of the body is approached in different dynamics of the movements (balances, rebounds, imbalance…).

The composition occupy a significant place, which makes it an experimental, living dance where the dancer himself becomes a creator and can be brought to express his individuality.

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Our courses encompass a diversity of forms and styles of dance creation and relate to the personality of the teacher since the style of contemporary dance is quite free. 5 levels.

Some " Medium" courses are provided by our guest teacher Valentin Levalin

(danced in the companies Opinion Public (Arcadia) and Béjart Ballet Lausanne).

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Our teachers will invite you to go beyond the borders of a "pure" technique, by encouraging the dancers to express their personality, in the search for an instinctive movement specific to each one.

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see more video:

cours de Contemporain ados, niveau Intermédiaires et Moyens
Contemporain cycles Intermédiaires et Moyens
MODERN'JAZZ (6 years to adults)

Modern 'Jazz is the result of mixing European and African cultures. Enriched with multiple rhythms, it offers various stylistic universes. It is an energetic, lively dance which invites to great displacements and is synonymous with musicality.


Our lessons bring together different types of jazz. They harmoniously combine the principles and technique of jazz, the contributions of modern dance as well as the basics of classical dance (positioning, body weight, imbalance, floor work, joint release, contractions, isolation, undulations, syncopated rhythms, jerky movements, pirouettes, falls, jumps ... energy, dynamism and emotion). Energy and speed. 6 levels, each sub divided into 2 or 3 sub-levels.

Extraits cours de Modern Jazz ados, niveaux Intermédiaires et Moyens
Modern Jazz cycle Intermédiaires et Moyens
Extraits cours de Modern Jazz ados, niveau Intermédiaires
Modern Jazz cycle Intermédiaires
Extraits cours de Modern Jazz ados, niveau Moyens
Modern Jazz cycle Moyens
LYRICAL DANCE (12-18 years old) NEW:

It is the meeting between jazz, contemporary dance and classical dance, on a rather slow music, the emphasis is on the interpretation and expression of emotions.

Lyrical dance is rich in nuances and variations in intensity. It helps to develop fluid and articulate body movements.

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On current music, the dancers learn choreography using the techniques of classical, contemporary and jazz.

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This course is accessible to students with at least an intermediate level in classical, modern jazz or contemporary dance.

Atelier de chorégraphies en danses modernes (contemporain, modern jazz)
ACRO DANSE (10-18 years old) NEW:

Acro Danse is a style of dance which harmoniously combines dance and acrobatics.

You dance there while learning various acrobatic movements from basic to complex. The dance movements come from ballet, jazz, contemporary or lyrical. Boys and girls thus develop their body awareness, their strength and their flexibility.

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Acrobatic Dancers need to be in excellent shape because acro is a demanding physical activity.

Cours acro danse (10-15 ans)
Acro Danse
Urban dances do not stop at "Hip-Hop" ... there are a lot of codes and disciplines
HIP-HOP (7-18 years old)

Hip Hop is above all a cultural movement and artistic appeared in New York in the early 1970s the term "Hip-Hop" encompasses a wide variety of styles of "street dance" and reflects a young mindset and current.

In our lessons, basic dance skills such as rhythm, coordination, space management and group dancing will be covered. Our course offers the learning of standing dance with mixtures of popping (contraction and relaxation of the muscles), locking (fluid, stylized movements of the arms and legs) and works a lot on the effects of movements and overall movements. It is a dance in gestation whose techniques are those of the dances that it associates.

The course begins with a warm-up and continues by learning choreographies on current, lively rhythms and various influences: R'nB, funky, American groove ...   This course remains a course where the possibilities are vast and can take multiple directions depending on the personality of the teacher. 4 levels (Beginners, Basics, Exploratory and Intermediate).

At the same time, taking the URBAN TECHNIQUES course is recommended from the "Basics" level, to develop and deepen the basic techniques of hip-hop dances in general.

Extraits de cours de Hip-Hop (10-15 ans) niveau "bases"
Hip-Hop Bases
Cours de Hip-Hop, niveaux débutants et bases
Hip-Hop "Débutants et bases"
Chorégraphie Hip-Hop, niveau exploratoire
Hip-Hop "Exploratoires"
Cours de Hip-Hop, niveaux exploratoires et intermédiaires
Hip-Hop "Exploratoires - Intermédiaires"
URBAN TECHNIQUES (10-18 years old) NEW:

The urban techniques course traces the history and evolution of the different styles that constitute what is now more commonly called hip hop.

Over the year, students will be able to work on the basics of break-dance (figures and acrobatics mainly on the floor), popping (contraction and relaxation of muscles in rhythm) , locking, new style, house and music. waacking. Deepening the basics of these different techniques will allow students to develop their own style in a rich and complete approach to hip-hop.

HOUSE (12-18 years old) NEW:

House Dance is a style of Hip-hop dance born in Detroit and Chicago in the early 1980s. It is the result of a fusion of jacking, club dancing, and hip-hop steps. The term House is the abbreviation of "Warehouse Music" since the House was played in disused warehouses called "warehouse" (and not in clubs)

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Our course is inspired by many styles (African, Latin or Brazilian dances, jazz, tap dance ...). This discipline develops a good groove. It emphasizes:

- rapid movements and footwork, which will develop great dexterity

- fluid movements focused on the torso (undulation) .

With its light and airy but very sustained style, you will also improve your cardio.


These workshops, accessible to 10-16 year olds, focus on choreographic creation with the aim of presenting choreography on stage. They aim to train groups of young dancers in choreographic work (creation, interpretation work, teamwork, management of the stage space) in order to participate in choreographic meetings, various events and certain competitions. See our shows .

To dance is to convey emotions in the soul of the spectator by the expression of movements and gestures of our whole body.

The workshops consist of a complete warm-up of the whole body and the learning of choreography in modern (contemporary, modern jazz, neoclassical) or urban (hip-hop ...) dances to contemporary and lively music.

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They are open to passionate dancers, aged 10 to 16, with solid technical bases and openness to interpretive play.

The selection of dancers to compose the junior stage groups"Studio 52 Junior Dance Groups" and therefore follow these workshops will be auditioned in mid-September.

The workshops will be organized on certain Sunday afternoons (schedule in September). The dancers undertake to be present at all the rehearsals and various events during the year.

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Flexibility and essential fishing!

Préparation du Dancité Jazz - Hip Hop
Chorégraphie pour le Dancité Jazz - Hip Hop
Atelier de chorégraphies en danses modernes (contemporain, modern jazz, néo-classique)
To gain flexibility, improve posture, tone your figure, relax ...

GETTING INTO SHAPE and YOGA : 2 activities that provide great energy for permanent well-being and good physical and mental health. These lessons are accessible alone or with the family.



To have a toned, stronger and more flexible body. Various exercises for selective muscle toning and flexibility. The courses are adapted to the physical form of the participants.

STRETCHING (8-18 years old)

Specific course for dancers to develop the strength and flexibility necessary for the dancer's progress. It is an excellent complement to dance lessons.

Flexibility and mobility allow in particular to be more efficient in other sports activities and to feel a daily well-being.

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Training elastics, blocks and other accessories will be used to work on flexibility, the feet in preparation for 1/2 or pointe work but also for warm-up exercises.

This course is suitable for students from basic to advanced levels in dance.

GROUND BAR - STRETCHING (+15 years old)

The bar on the ground (on the ground) is a technique consisting in transposing the movements in support of classical dance and jazz on the ground. This method of warming up and strengthening muscles and joints, gently and in depth, allows you to straighten the posture, acquire a nice posture, refine the silhouette, soften and tone the body.

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The course helps to strengthen the spine, lower limbs and trunk. This course also includes in-depth flexibility work and develops awareness of movement and placement, while respecting anatomy. It is also an excellent complement to dance lessons to develop the strength and flexibility necessary for the progress of the dancer. Excellent for the back.

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This course is suitable for all levels but not for beginners.

Barre à terre - Stretching

Do you want to strengthen your abdominals, refine your figure, improve your posture? Our sessions are made for you!

Sculpt your silhouette = tone and flexibility. By gently but dynamic and toning muscle building, without significant cardio effort, it allows you to quickly improve your physical condition, your strength, your resistance, and to relax your muscles, your body and your mind.

The teacher also offers stretching and flexibility exercises, because having more flexibility means less risk of injury and better muscle recovery .



The discipline that combines physical, mental / emotional and spiritual benefits. The desired effects are to calm the mind through physical activity.

Our courses can be taken by everyone, except in cases of contraindication. They are adapted to the level and to the capacities of each one. Beginners are guided and more advanced students receive suggestions to deepen their practice.

Classes are given by Elfi Cottam, yoga teacher, certified “Yoga Alliance”, physiotherapy student and professional dancer.


ACRO YOGA (6-12 years old)

Acro Yoga is practiced with others and combines the wisdom and benefits of yoga, the dynamics of acrobatic lifts and the arts of well-being.

The principle of this class is to perform acrobatic figures using the mental and spiritual principles of traditional yoga, drawing inspiration from yoga postures and using gymnastic techniques to develop strength, flexibility, confidence and teamwork between partners. The end goal is to have full trust between partners in performing a multitude of positions.


Develop strength and flexibility, concentrate, promote team spirit and share laughter. Unlike traditional yoga, acro yoga is a group practice in which team spirit is essential. The postures make it possible to create and consolidate the bonds between the participants, to reinforce the concentration and the team spirit but also to increase the flexibility, the balance and the body awareness. Children explore their complementarities and co-create the session.


The series of aerial postures are most often performed by three teammates: the base (in contact with the ground, supports the movement), the flyer (performs aerial movements) and the spotter (ensures the safety and evolution of the practice )

The base or the carrier: the person lying on the ground with his legs and arms raised and who carries and "flies" the 'flyer'. The main points of contact with the flyer are the feet (usually placed on the flyer's hips, groin or lower abdomen) and hands (either as grips or shoulder grips).

The flyer: the person carried and lifted by the base and who must seek the right position. The role of the flyer requires flexibility, balance and confidence in oneself and in one's partner.

For this course for all levels, the teacher will adapt the exercises for each group in order to respect the bodies and not to hurt themselves. Some postures will be easy and others will still require some practice (more strength, flexibility and coordination).

The main physical and mental benefits of Acro Yoga are: Improve flexibility, cladding, strength - Improve concentration - Promote mutual aid and team spirit - Learn to put the blame on “us” rather than on the other - Strengthen self-confidence and mutual confidence between practitioners - Allow free envy to your creativity - Relax through breathing.

Happy and complete session, Acro Yoga is really fun: practice, breathe, fly, create and have fun 🙂

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.



DYNAMIC YOGA (+12 years old)

This invigorating yoga class is inspired by ashtanga (dynamic), vinyasa (dancing), power yoga (modern) yogas. It includes breathing, warming up and muscle building exercises.

Exercise, strengthen and improve flexibility. Through a series of postures, combined with breathing and concentration exercises, the practice of dynamic yoga helps to soften and strengthen the muscles while regulating the flow of vital energy. For those looking for rigorous practice and active relaxation.


RELAXING YOGA (+15 years old)

This gentle yoga class is inspired by hatha (classic), yin yoga (gentle) and restorative yoga (restorative). It is a gentle and deep yoga that uses static postures with a letting go approach, breathing techniques and deep relaxation of the body and mind.


Relax with a little physical effort for the perfect combo, stretch the muscles deeply and be zen . Holding the postures in stillness and for several minutes allows the body to relax very gradually and to stretch the deep connective tissues. The main benefits are to release muscle tension, gain flexibility and mobility, improve sleep, calm the mind and soothe stress. For those who want a gentle practice that allows you to calm the mind, relax the body and relax deeply.

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