Everything is in place daily to ensure that you participate in our courses according to the recommended safety rules.



Memories of the time when all our young people danced at Studio 52 (pictures: Anne-Laure de Bernis, Cloe Brockmann, Nathalie Boutonnet)


Courage and patience ... We always hope for a relaxation of the measures and in particular an AUTHORIZATION OF CULTURAL, SPORTING AND ARTISTIC ACTIVITIES INDOOR FOR ALL OUR YOUNG PEOPLE who need links, projects and perspectives to flourish. psychically and physically.

Nathalie and Laurent


COVID's 2 weights, 2 measures at COVID time: Academies versus private dance schools 

VICTORY: Equality between private and public dance schools is restored. Following our action with our 4 competent ministers of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation (see below), we will be able to welcome again the + 13 years old to our courses in bubbles of 4, by using the protocol followed by the public dance academies (subject to communal approval which we hope to obtain quickly).

We received an email from the cabinet of Minister Bénédicte Linard (Culture) authorising us to follow the protocol followed by the public dance academies (see below).


Support for adolescent and adult students

As face-to-face classes for adolescents and adults are suspended by government decisions, Studio 52 wishes to support students in their practice of an activity with a minimum of classes until normalcy is restored and organizes some online classes.
In order to better satisfy you, our teachers have prepared two types of lessons to stay in shape until you get back to normal.

- Zoom course = course at a specific time and day, with remote coaching, motivation and correction by our teachers in real time (to keep in touch with them).
Video course = course accessible for 48 hours for a practice of the activity according to your time. For more flexibility, to do and redo according to your availability.

You can book your course by email at


Zoom Ballet (Classique) or Contemporary: 11 € / student

Zoom Ballet (Classique) and Pointes: 15 € / student

Zoom Muscle strengthening or Ground bar: 8 € / student

You can pay either by bank transfer or by direct debit from your course card. Contact us by e-mail

Support for our students 13-18 years old, excluded from face-to-face lessons

Students take their lessons online through Zoom. Our teachers have adapted their lessons so that the students can follow the lessons from home

Recommended safety rules

We have adapted our operations to stop the spread of the virus. We do everything to organize safe and reassuring courses for all (children, adolescents, families and professionals), adapted to the situation.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

We are in Red code for sports practice (4 color code for sports: Green, Yellow, Orange and Red). Only children under 13 can attend face-to-face lessons.

We have established guidelines so that there is a fair balance between the necessary barrier and hygiene measures and the harmony of living together.

The instructions

  • Anyone who comes to Studio 52 is obliged to wash their hands with hydroalcoholic gel made available at the entrance (both on arrival and on departure).

  • Accompanying adults do not enter the premises, with the exception of:

    • From one adult per child to Introductory Dance courses at the start and at the end of the course to help them change (the accompanying person does not stay on the premises during the course)

    • People coming for payments, for administrative matters, for information.

  • The changing rooms are closed.

  • Wearing a mask is compulsory to circulate in the premises for anyone over 12 years old. Teachers must wear a mask during lessons.

  • Anyone who participates in a course must be registered in advance. We must indeed keep attendance registers to allow possible tracing.

  • We ask those accompanying them not to stay during the lessons in the gardens, nor in the hallway of the building before.

  • Students who have several lessons on the same day can stay on the premises.

  • Any student with Covid symptoms is encouraged to stay home.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Particular dispositions

  • Staff to welcome and circulate,

  • Setting up a reception tent in the garden,

  • Hand washing with soap and water before and after using the toilet,

  • Installation of tissues, trash and hydroalcoholic gel in each studio,

  • Provision of masks for staff

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

Thank you for applying these simple rules.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.



Support for students by giving them some tools during confinement from March to June


In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

  • keeping the little ones busy every day and keeping them in good physical shape was a real daily challenge

  • the dancers were faced with a challenge to stay in good physical and psychological shape.

Studio 52 Dance Academy supported the students by giving them some tools to continue to practice in a limited space, in particular by making VIDEOS of LESSONS

Cours de danse à la maison

A little comfort for our seniors: Support for seniors and caregivers

Studio 52 Dance Academy has produced with some teachers and students, videos intended for the elderly, to try to soothe and brighten their days a little, and especially to show them that we are thinking of them.

In order to contribute to the mental, emotional and physical well-being of our seniors,

  • our dancers show their affection by offering poems, their choreographies or their artistic works.

  • we offer Senior Yoga sessions to get some exercise

Below, we offer you the full version of the first 2 videos.

SHARE THEM, without moderation, with the elderly and / or nursing homes,
hoping that they warm hearts and that they bring hope in this difficult period of isolation.

We hope that these films will be USEFUL for our OLDER OLDERS and will be able to help, a little bit, the ASSISTANTS and ANIMATORS who take care of our seniors on a daily basis, by trying to bring them care and a little joy, whether it be at home or in a nursing home.